Keep your enterprise data on the cloud private and safe at all times

Whenever you upload a document to any cloud, your data is at risk of being stolen if there is a data breach. OStor converts your data into encrypted garble. No one else can read except you. Not your service provider. Not us. If your data is ever stolen, the hackers won’t be able to read it. OStor encrypts Data-In- Use, in addition to Data-At- Rest and Data-In- Transit.


If your cloud storage is free, your data is the fee.

Free storage comes at the cost of your valuable information which is sold to third parties. OStor encrypts all your data before transferring to any free storage provider. Now, you can take advantage of free storage with confidence and peace of mind. Ostor protects your data from being used without your permission.


You are in complete control of your data

Ever read the Terms and Conditions ? The fine print usually has terms like “your information may be accessed by the service provider”. When you say “I Agree”, this becomes legal! Service providers get access and sometimes even ownership of your data. OStor encrypts and makes your data useless for the service provider, while retaining high data utility and usability for you.


Easy to set up. Easy to use. Privacy and security built in.

OStor is easy to integrate, easy to use and easy to scale with all your favorite cloud service providers. Access all your data from OStor in a convenient, secure and privacy preserving application. Run and scale your business with confidence. Integrating OStor with any of your favourite cloud service provider is a one time activity only.


Collaborate in a secure, private environment. It’s like having your own private cloud, on any cloud.

OStor not only stores all your valuable files, but you can also collaborate with your co-workers in a secure and private way. Create, share, sync and collaborate on documents, powerpoints, spreadsheets and more from one central place. OStor keeps everything secure, private and encrypted at all times.


Data breach? Relax, your personal, business, employee, and customer data is encrypted at all times.

Major Fortune 500 companies like Sony, Disney, Anthem Blue Cross, Equifax and many more have fallen victim to data breaches. According to the Ponemon Institute’s “2017 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Overview,” the odds are as high as 1 in 4. With OStor, if your data is ever stolen, it’s useless to the hackers because it’s unreadable and encrypted.


Need help integrating OStor ? Our team is here to help.

There is no other task at Ziroh Labs more important than making sure your valuable data is secure and private at all times. This has to be easy too. You have a business to run and grow. Our team of engineers and customer support staff are here to make sure your integration needs are met. Just contact us by clicking the button below and we'll be in touch.

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The Ziroh Labs Story

Ziroh Labs, the makers of Ostor - a secure, privacy preserving application was born in a research lab at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. This wonderful journey started with a team of scientists, mathematicians, PhDs and software engineers who’ve spent a lifetime researching and building innovative solutions. This team of highly accomplished scientific minds, solved the last mile of data security - Encryption of data while the data is in use. This invention perfectly complements prior inventions that keep data secure at-rest on any storage and data in-motion across the internet. Today, thinkers, business and technical experts, designers and friends across India, Palo Alto, San Jose, Princeton, Berlin and Sydney are collaborating with one unifying mission - To bring a privacy preserving technology for the cloud to startups and small, medium businesses globally.