Zunu Datasheet

Supported Platforms


Workspace O365


gmail outlook

Cloud Storages:  

gdrive dropbox OneDrive box s3

and S3 compatible

Supported Browsers

chrome chrosafarime edge firefox

Supported OS

Mac ios Chrome windows android linux

Key Management

Stored in Double Encrypted Format AES-256-CBC, RSA-2048

Integrates with 3rd party key management systems.

Search over Encrypted Emails and Files

Using AES-256-CBC, RSA-2048 and ZIROH LABS FHE

Authentication Modes

PKI-based Digital Signature Based


Zero Knowledge Protocol

MFA with Email/ Mobile OTP/ Biometric

Access Management

Web-based Centralized User Management

Policy, User, Team, and Access Administration

Report Generation in CSV/pdf Formats

Ransomware Protection

Yes, with File Integrity Check

Encrypted Audit Logs

On Device

On Centralized Server

Email Encryption

Body: AES-256 CBC, RSA-2048

Subject: AES-256 CBC, RSA-2048

Attachments: AES-256 CBC, RSA-2048

Drafts: AES-256 CBC, RSA-2048

Contacts: AES-256 CBC, RSA-2048

Indexes: Ziroh Labs FHE

File Encryption

File Bytes: AES-256 CBC, RSA-2048

Namespace: AES-256 CBC, RSA-2048

Content: Ziroh Labs FHE

Key Encryption: AES-256 GCM

Metadata: Ziroh Labs FHE, AES-256 GCM

Indexes: Ziroh Labs FHE