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World’s first privacy-preserving extension for databases

Go private with your database instantly with Zunu DB. Fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective privacy solution available for databases today.


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Meet the tech that powers Zunu DB

Zunu DB is powered by the latest evolution of database protection - Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) technology. It provides an Always Encrypted Paradigm to your database at all times- at-rest, during transit, and even during processing in the primary memory.

What can you do with ODB?

Own your database privacy

Own your database privacy

With Zunu DB, you can perform partial/full encryption of your database. You also have full control over your encryption keys.

Leave data breaches behind

Leave data breaches behind

With Zunu DB’s end-to-end encryption plus, your data is never decrypted at any stage. This ensures that your data is safe even during a hacking attack.

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Product Datasheet

Data Protection

  • At REST (storage):


  • During Transit:


  • Processing:



  • AI-ML:

    Yes. Do not require any decryption of the stored data.

  • Application Changes:

    No, using Ziroh Labs Gateway/Proxy.

  • DB Changes:

    Very minimal. Automated using Ziroh Labs tools.

  • Extendible:


  • Language Support:

    Java, C#, TypeScript, JavaScript, Python

  • ORM Frameworks:

    Hibernate, JPA, MyBatis, SpringBoot

  • Auditing and Logging:


  • Installation:


  • Installer Size:


  • Patch & upgrades:


  • Data Insertion time:

    Depends on the encrypted data size. Independent of Zunu DB

  • Query Execution time:

    A little more than plaintext query performance.

  • Sharding Support:


  • Parallel query execution support:


  • Business tier processing on encrypted data:

    Yes, using Ziroh Labs FHE library.

Key Management

  • Key Management Software:

    Any Key Manager of your choice

  • Key Rotation:


SQL Support

  • Query Capabilities:

    All SQL quries including indexing and SP. Do not require any decryption.

  • Indexing:

    Yes. Encrypted columns can be indexed

  • Stored Procedures:


  • Report Generation:

    Yes. Using Trusted Execution Environments








An Always Encrypted paradigm

Zunu DB ensures that your database is secured with end-to-end encryption plus during all computing operations.... Unlike TDE, Zunu DB allows the execution of queries over encrypted data without decrypting it. Read more

User-controlled encryption keys

Zunu DB performs data encryption at the application/user side. The encryption keys remain with the user/application... at all times. It is never shared or stored with the DB server, thereby eliminating all data leakage instances. Read more

Query versatility over encrypted data

Zunu DB supports different types of queries, including insert, update, delete, and even view. Users can also perform diverse... functions such as math operations, logical operations, and aggregate functions over their encrypted data. Read more

Encrypted query processing

Queries are executed in an encrypted form with Zunu DB. There is no need to decrypt query parameters at any stage.

Encrypted business tier processing

Zunu DB allows you to apply business logic in a completely encrypted form without decryption.

Hybrid database compatibility

Zunu DB supports hybrid database structures. Developers can choose to apply encryption to a whole database or to a... certain column /field in a table. Read more

High adaptability

Zunu DB supports existing applications and queries to run encrypted processing with very little or no programming code changes.

Algorithm driven auto-migration tool

Users can migrate from their existing non-compliant database platform to Zunu DB using the Zunu DB migration tool.... The tool is designed for seamless and secure transfer of their database to Zunu DB’s encrypted repository. Read more

Key manager flexibility

Zunu DB can be easily integrated with other industry-standard key managers.

Easy migration with Zunu DB gateway

Zunu DB Gateway enables legacy applications to migrate to Zunu DB easily, with no code changes required. It handles... encrypted data transfer between client application and database server, and also makes the application oblivious to the encrypted database system. Read more

Ziroh SDKs

Ziroh SDK provides a wide range of APIs for encrypting and decrypting strings and numbers at the user end.... The SDKs are available in Java, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript and Python.

Ziroh Labs also provides SDKs for secure processing in the encrypted middle tier, i.e. the business tier where the data is received in an encrypted form. The SDKs are available in Java, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript and Python. These SDKs eliminate the need for decryption of data at the time of processing.
Read more

Zero - knowledge service

Zunu DB does not store your password. It has zero visibility into the data you store, or process in your database.

Zero data breach

With Zunu DB’s protection of your database, you don’t have to worry even if a hacker manages to gain access to... your database. No third party will be able to decrypt your data encrypted with Zunu DB. Read more