Your Files. Your Identity.
Under Your Control.


Key Features


Complete Privacy

On Devices and Clouds



Ransomware, Malware and Virus Protection



A single place to access all your files



Unlimited Protection and Privacy by Default

What does Zunu Drive provide you?
Privacy Like Never Before
  • End-to-end+ privacy for your files
  • Search Over Encrypted files with Encrypted Queries conveniently.
  • More than 300 file types are supported by default
  • Quickly search, work, and share files anywhere
Work on Multiple Clouds, Seamlessly
  • Work on any file and cloud, conveniently
  • Manage different cloud accounts from a single platform
  • Get more storage space by adding unlimited cloud accounts
  • Compatible with all leading cloud storage providers
A Single Password To Navigate Through All The Clouds
  • One password for all your cloud accounts
  • Unified access to all your files
  • Enhanced security for files stored in any cloud
  • Works on any device and any browser
Sharing Files, Secured And Simplified
  • Easily share files online and offline
  • Send and receive files without signing up
  • Share files across clouds and devices
  • Exchange files securely with non-Zunu Drive users using a passphrase
Round the Clock Ransomware Protection
  • Files can no longer make you vulnerable
  • Guarantees file safety even in a breached environment
  • Secure files with file integrity checks
  • Defends against malware & cyber attacks
Powering Mobile Privacy
  • Be in complete control of your data.
  • Capture encrypted photos and videos with Secure Camera
  • Keep your documents invisible to 3rd parties at all times
  • Work remotely even when you don't have access to a system.
Absolute Security From Beginning To End
  • Unlimited protection for all your files everywhere
  • Freedom and peace of mind to focus on value creation
  • Avoid profiling by denying unauthorized access
  • Reliable storage for your photos, videos, & confidential documents
Preserve Data Privacy With Intelligence Sync
  • Device level tamper detection
  • Leverage in-built virus and malware protection for your files
  • Block corrupted files from syncing with back-ups in the cloud
  • Ensure a safe copy of your back-ups and get back to business
Use Cases
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Portfolio Management
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