Your Emails

Your Conversations.

Completely Private with Zunu Mail.


Key Features

  • ZM

    Your emails are invisible to Google, Microsoft, or any other email service provider. They cannot see, share or access your emails. 

  • ZM

    Fully control who can access, view, or share your emails/attachments on any device, anytime.

  • ZM

    You can search quickly and easily on top of encrypted emails without losing productivity.

  • ZM

    Zunu makes your existing email service provider more secure and fully end-to-end encrypted.

What does

Zunu Mail

provide you?

ZMConfidentiality of your emails from everyone.

Fully end-to-end encrypted:Makes emails invisible to your service provider.

Secure:Your emails are protected when your email credentials are compromised

Privacy-Preserving:Prevents your keystrokes from being recorded

Highly Usable:Search your encrypted emails without decrypting them

On-device safety:Attachments are stored encrypted locally.


ZMPrivacy without compromised Convenience

Single interface for all accounts:Configure and use all your email accounts here.

Convenient:Locate emails like in Gmail without losing confidentiality and privacy.

Enhanced Accessibility:Checking emails is hassle free.

Password-less:You don't have to remember passwords of every email account.


ZMControl over your Emails like never before

Control on recipients device:Control your mail even after it’s received by recipient.

Control your email forwarding:Prevent your email from being forwarded.

Prevent from being Printed:Prevent your email from printing.

Control Accessibility:Remotely revoke anyone's access to your emails or attachments.

Control view duration:Expire your emails when you wish.


ZMProtection during ransomware, malware, and virus attacks.

Makes all attacks irrelevant:Ransomware, malware, and virus attacks are no more a threat

Ensures business continuity:All your emails and attachments are 24 x 7  accessible