Your Emails, 

Your Conversations,

Completely Private with Zunu Mail.


Key Features

  • ZM

    Your emails remain encrypted on device and on cloud.

  • ZM

    Zunu is portable. Access your emails from any device, any time.

  • ZM

    You can search over your encrypted emails.

  • ZM

    Continue using your current email service provider but with advanced privacy.

What does

Zunu Mail

provide you?

Complete Confidentiality for your Emails

    • Makes your emails invisible to Gmail, Outlook, or any other email service provider.
    • Your emails are protected even if your Google, Microsoft, or email account credentials are compromised.
    • Emails are protected when the service provider is hacked.
    • Encrypted Drafts: Prevents your keystrokes from being recorded
    • Search over your encrypted emails without decrypting them
    • Attachments are stored encrypted locally.

Privacy with Full Convenience

    • Integrates easily with , , or any other email service provider.
    • One single interface to access all your emails. Configure as many email accounts as you want.
    • Locate and find emails like in Gmail without losing confidentiality and privacy.
    • Don't have to remember passwords. Zunu is a passwordless system.
    • No more multiple browser tabs.
    • Access all your emails from one single application,

Total Control over your Emails

    • Exercise complete control after the email is delivered to the recipient.
    • You can determine if the recipient can forward your email.
    • You can determine if the email is printed.
    • You can determine if your emails are shared and with whom they are shared.
    • Remotely revoke anyone's access to your emails or attachments.
    • You can expire your emails.

Protection during ransomware, malware, and virus attacks

    • Ransomware, malware, and virus attacks are no more a threat
    • Ensures business continuity.
    • Zunu automatically detects if your emails are modified by ransomware.
    • Never lose email access if your system is affected by ransomware or virus attacks.