Our Privacy Tech

Ensuring Privacy with utmost convenience for users is our top priority.

Ziroh Labs’ inventions and intellectual properties are centered around new cryptographic techniques that preserve not only confidentiality but also authentication and integrity of data while it is operated. Using Ziroh Labs' proprietary, third-generation, Homomorphic Encryption technology (Ziroh Labs patent pending), data can be processed in encrypted form with no requirement of decryption at all.


Our technology is “provably secure” with strong hardness guarantees, and being deployed in a number of products and services. We support a wide range of operations on strings and numeric data types. Relational or ordering operators, whole / partial strings searches, regular expressions, arbitrary Boolean and mathematical expressions, and evaluations perform adequately in practical settings with a minor performance overhead which is acceptable for a wide range of applications and use cases. For example, the time to encrypt 50,000 unique words homomorphically is ~ 400 milliseconds. The “Search-by-Keyword” function on a 50MB unique word, homomorphically encrypted database is ~ 55 milliseconds. Additionally,

Ziroh Labs has also invented new authenticated encryption (AE) modes (patent pending) that are ~40% faster than the current AE mode such as GCM. Our order encryption preserving techniques (also patent pending) leave no trace of the underlying order of the data and can be used with standard encryption techniques to create a number of new time-sensitive data structures for use with multiple use cases. The tech is FIPS level 2 complaint.