Zunu Mail Gateway

Enables Enterprises to make communication with their valuable customers and partners fully secure and completely invisible to 3rd parties and even Ziroh Labs.

Key Features


Easily Deployable


Reporting & Auditing


BEC(Business Email Compromise) attack, phishing


Protection on Multiple fronts


Archiving Capabilities

How is a user’s Privacy breached today?

Every activity a user does online, like purchasing merchandise, grocery, booking tickets, watching a movie, and opening bank statements, received as mail, is tracked. These activities reveal our eating habits, the size of our merchandise, the places we travel to and with whom, the movies we prefer to watch, and information about our bank accounts. The personal information of individuals is known to service providers and 3rd parties. The privacy of an individual is wholly breached.


What does Zunu Mail Gateway do?

  • Increases customer base by being a potential source of competitive edge and a strategic opportunity for brand growth.
  • Insights from Zunu Mail Gateway can be used to enhance present security health and serve as proof of compliance or audits.
  • Offers threat protection inside the email inbox and can also monitor and secure incoming, outgoing, and internal emails as they are in transit.
  • Zunu Mail Gateway protects businesses and users against attacks like phishing, business email compromise (BEC), malware attachments, and ransomware.
  • It solves existing privacy problems for users and keeps a customer relationship intact. It can be incorporated as a best practice by an organization to protect their customer's privacy.
  • Zunu Mail Gateway can be deployed virtually on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid architectures.

How does Zunu Mail Gateway work?

Service providers shall add a toggle called “I Opt for Privacy” on their web application. After signing in to the web application, if the user enables this toggle, they are redirected to install the application on their mobile or desktop. After installation they can continue working as usual. If they have already installed Zunu Mail, they can continue using the web application of that service as usual. There is no change in user experience while their data privacy is retained.

zunu mail gateway_work

Seamless Integartion in your workflow

When a customer makes a purchase, the enterprise mails them all the details of their purchase. These details are provided to a gateway device which converts the data into email for sending it to customers. Ziroh Labs provides an interface to generate encrypted emails or we can also provide a gateway through which we would send those emails.


We would also provide REDIS Database, REST or GRPC API’s to the 1st interface of the gateway device. The access controls can be defined by the organization.A log is used to maintain the record of received data converted to emails, number of emails sent, failed emails.

Tech Specs

Email Encryption

  • Subject: AES-256-CBC, RSA- 2048
  • Body: AES-256-CBC, RSA-2048
  • Attachments: AES-256-CBC, RSA-2048
  • Contacts: AES-256-CBC, RSA-2048
  • Draft: AES-256-CBC, RSA-2048
  • Integration with 3rd party KMS: Yes
  • Indexes: Ziroh Labs FHE(Ziroh labs patented tech)

Key Management

  • Key Management: Yes. Keys are always stored in a double encrypted format(encrypted with AES-256-CBC, RSA-2048)

Search Over Encrypted Data Without Decryption

  • Search over encrypted data without decryption: Yes. Using AES-256-CBC, RSA-2048, and Ziroh Labs FHE(Ziroh Labs patented tech)


Happy to help you preserve your email privacy.


What are the steps that a customer has to take?

The steps for enrolling a customer to preserve their privacy are straightforward. It just takes one swipe and one toggle button on the screen. Then, when the button is toggled, you have all the details to send encrypted emails (including invoices, etc.) as a service provider.

To view the emails sent to your customer, they just have to install the Zunu Mail software on their mobile. Be it Android or iOS, we support both.

Installing the software by your customer takes only a few seconds. Then, a few easy-to-configure steps are set to view the privacy-preserving emails at their fingertips.

What are the steps an enterprise has to take?

You should add a toggle for “I opt for privacy” on your website.
We provide a DB (Serverless architecture: REDIS with REST/GRPC at the Backend) to store the details of customers who enable the toggle.

Through email protocols (serverless and stateless lambda’s, which we would provide you), you can encrypt the invoices, and through the Zunu Mail gateway, the emails will be mailed to your customers.

Activities would happen as usual for customers who don’t enable the toggle.

Is the Zunu Mail gateway scalable?

Yes. The software is all stateless and microservices-based. Stateless architectures are perfect recipes to scale software horizontally. Furthermore, there is no limit to how many such services you can run.

How long do you take to find if a customer has opted in?

Less than a microsecond.

How long do you take to create a privacy-preserving email?

Less than a second for emails with less than 1 MB of attachment; otherwise, a few seconds top.

Will customer care have access to the emails sent?

Yes. Customer care will have access to emails; They can retrieve and access them, provided you have set up the access controls for your colleagues at the customer care center.

Do I have to change any code base?

No. You just have to point to Phoenix. In code, this can be done in 2,3 lines max.

I use 3rd party email gateways. Do I have to change anything?

No change is required at your end. You have to provide us with the IO of the Email Gateway, and we will do the changes to make it work effectively with your email gateway.

I use 3rd party CRM, do I have to change anything?

No. You do not have to change anything. We provide all the interfaces for you to get all the information about the mails sent via our Gateway.

How much does it cost to my user?

It is free of cost for the user.

How much does it cost me?


Can I use your cloud infrastructure to do this?

Yes, we would love to provide you with that.

I use ‘X’ cloud service for my business. What do we do now?

Zunu Mail gateway can be integrated with any cloud service provider. We can provide you the software and you can install it in whatever cloud you are working with.

What are the next steps?

Lets talk. Lets preserve the privacy of your valued customer. Please drop us a line here