Three pillars have historically dominated our digital world - Storage, Computation, and Connectivity. A fourth pillar got added. The Pillar of Privacy and confidentiality.


We envision a world where privacy and confidentiality are provable qualities by construction. Not by a notion of trust or by regulation alone. Confidently unlock insights and collaborate with sensitive data without compromising privacy.


Quantum computer may decimate legacy encryption, but not Lattice-Based cryptography.The Shortest Vector Problem (SVP) is believed to be hard to solve, even with a quantum computer.


Safeguard privacy for structured and unstructured data in untrusted environments.

Let the cloud provision storage and compute resources for your enterprise workloads without knowing what you are storing or computing.


With our Privacy Preserving Encryption libraries, radically improved for speed and multiple, distributed computing IP's, we provide a robust Reference Architecture codenamed as “OStor” (pronounced - Zero Store), One of the world’s most secure Cloud-Based File Storage Architecture. OStor is hardware and operating system agnostic with multiple integration points.

Plug it to include multiple different Identities and Key Management Protocols. Built-in support for almost any cloud storage services such as OpenStack, Rackspace, Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage including end-user applications like Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. Experience uncompromising enterprise privacy and security.

The SecureString™ Library is a Homomorphic Encryption Library purpose built for String Data Types. With the SecureStringTM library you can perform multiple operations on encrypted data without decrypting it first like Grouping / Ordering using lexicographic properties of encrypted text. Relational operators such as “<,<=,>,>= and ==” can be applied. Whole string search such as “JohnDoe” and Partial string search such as “Joh*”. You can also execute Regular Expression search such as Jo*[a-z]* and Boolean Operators such as John AND Jane or any Arbitrary Expression using AND, OR, NOT.

The SecureNumeric™ Library is a Homomorphic Encryption Library purpose built for Numeric Data Types. It can handle Floating Point Numbers with overflow, underflow detection and exception. This performant library allows arithmetic operations and include Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Grouping and Ordering, Equality, Division.


The technical team includes award winning computer scientists and developers in cryptography, high performance distributed computing, large scale file storage systems and algorithms. The client success team and our advisors includes industry veterans from security, storage, research and high growth startups.

Hrishikesh Dewan

Nitin Dubey

Aninda Sen

Bhaskar Medhi

Surabhi Das

C.E.Veni Madhavan

Anup Kumar Gogoi

Ajay Goel

Gabi Nakibly

Robert Porras

Asheesh Khaneja

Igneta D'Souza

Momi Dutta

Pranjal Bhumij

Goutam Dhandh