Data breaches destroy businesses

Privacy invasion destroys lives

OStor protects your private,
confidential files.

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Introducing OStor,

advanced, easy to use, military grade data protection


OStor lets you securely store and share your personal and office files. It seamlessly integrates with many of your favourite file storage providers and can even be deployed on premises. OStor uses encryption to protect your privacy and confidentiality on the cloud and it renders data useless for hackers in the event of a data breach or stolen, lost devices. OStor is one of the world first, commercially available, file share, sync and collaborate application that protects Data in Use in addition to Data at Rest and Data in Transit.

Features to maintain

Confidentiality of your business...

Cloud Compositing

OStor providers a common, seamless interface for your favourite cloud providers. Lots of free storage that does not invade your privacy for advertisements.

Distributed Storage

OStor automatically manages your files across multiple storage providers. Manually override if you want to manage it yourself.

Security & Convenience
Security &

OStor is built on client side encryption powered by a true Zero Knowledge System. No more trade offs between security, convenience, utility.

Zero Knowledge,Security Stack(ZKSS)
Zero Knowledge,
Security Stack(ZKSS)

OStor operates on ZKSS and the server side knows nothing. The index, namespace, encryption keys, metadata are all encrypted. The keys are always with the end user.

Start securing your data today!

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Why OStor

  • Keep your enterprise data on the cloud private and safe at all times.
  • Easy to set up. Easy to use. Privacy and security built in.
  • Collaborate in a secure, private environment. It’s like having your own private cloud, on any cloud.
  • Data breach? Relax, your personal, business, employee, and customer data is encrypted at all times.
  • You are in complete control of your data. OStor is powered by Homomorphic Encryption.
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Securing hundreds of thousands of private, confidential files every day

Download OStor

The Story So Far...

Years of PhD level research led to an invention in the field of Homomorphic Encryption.

18 months to verify the theoretical underpinnings are practically viable too.

Built the Zero Knowledge Security Stack (ZKSS) which is a SDK in C#.

OStor built on top of ZKSS. Alpha release March, 2018.